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total recut video remix challenge finalists 2008


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Artist: DJ Le Clown

I’m a perfect product of the TV generation. I was raised with TV; through it I  discovered cinema and music. I think cinema is now old enough to become an international langage - maybe the strongest one, along with music and painting.

Hazards of life led me to be a musician, and each song or piece of music I created brought images into my mind. Then came the computers time, that gave anybody - through the screen again - the opportunity to create whatever they could imagine.

3 years ago I started to work on "Mashups" ;  it consists of melting songs from differents horizons together. I must confess that I first considered "Mashups" or "Bootlegs" as the most vulgar form of music possible, before I realized - trying it myself - that it was another way of giving songs a kind of second chance…A second life.

Songs (especially since they're recorded) are like Movies - somewhere a kind of lifes trap, and the good one always survive their creators…so as I decided to make videos for each of my tracks to play them live, it was natural for me to use any image sources I wanted - movies, the artist's images, of course, but also TV series, shows, commercials - well all bits of what I consider like our common cultural backup, and that you can now find easily on the web!

I really think that all of these belong to us - from Popeye the Sailor Man to David Vincent and Dracula or Dr Mabuse; it’s now part of our culture ; like a bank of symbols anyone can use to express his own ideas.

I’m working on Final Cut Pro HD 4.5 and as I use a lot of stolen shots kept on youtube, the quality of the picture is quite trashy, but I realize that the ideas were stronger than the form and also it gives a little pirate’s vibe that fit with the "collage technique", like in painting. For example, in "Xmas in NYC" the only way to get the xmas show with Sinatra & Crosby was to grab it from Youtube, so I didn't have any other choice than to use what I had.

Whether I try to have more & more quality - I now buy each movie I can find, when it’s available - I like the idea of working with light quality files, because i find it more spontaneous and quick to build something fresh and musical. Well the other thing is that i just want to have fun and share it with people in a simple way ; I’m just a "YouTube director" ; that’s why I called myself "DJ Le Clown"!              


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