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    Video Remix Challenge 2008

2008-04-04 05:06:52    by: ragaman7
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   Posted: 2018-03-14 10:24:13
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   Posted: 2008-08-04 00:11:50
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The 10 finalists of the Total Recut Video Remix Contest have been selected by public vote and will now be judged by our esteemed judging panel, including Lawrence Lessig, Henry Jenkins, Kembrew McLeod, JD Lasica, Matt Mason, Pat Aufderheide, Mark Hosler and Luminosity. And without further ado, here are the 10 finalists:

Remix Culture by Sylvia Koopman, The Netherlands

Remix Culture I by Ricardo Carrion, Switzerland

Detournement by Cary Gillenwater, USA

True Hollywood Robots by Chris Benson, USA

Composition by Jata Haan, The Netherlands

Remix Culture II by Ricardo Carrion, Switzerland

Clusterfuckers by ikat381, Canada

My Bike in C Minor by Vince Levy, USA

Xmas in New York City by DJ Le Clown, France

Read-Write Remix by Matt Agnello, USA

May the best remix win! LINK      


   Posted: 2008-04-04 05:06:56
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