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Featured Artist: Pogo

2009-06-25 03:49:24        Posted by: ikat381        Category: Copyright

Aside from being made completely of appropriated footage, Pogo's movies fit very nicely into the "music video" tradition. They function to highlight and accompany his amazing musical tracks, which he composes out of samples usually taken from popular children's movies -- Harry Potter, The Secret Garden, Mary Poppins... In several tracks, Pogo will take small acapella bits from the films and rearrange them into entirely new melodies. The fragments of words and instruments build and ebb into engaging and haunting songs, with both the polished flow and dynamics of an accomplished DJ and a sense of that strange magic some of us might have felt when we were little children, sitting at the TV on our livingroom carpets and soaking in all the hypnotizing stimulus of our first disney films.

Pogo mixes his movie sources with varying amounts of other samples and beats, but he also makes songs like "Mary's Magic," which is 100% composed of sounds from the movie "The Secret Garden." The track for Pogo's popular "Alice" video is 90% composed of the sounds from "Alice in Wonderland." Pogo typically chooses a single movie as the source material for his respective tracks and music videos.

Once Pogo shifts to filmmaker mode, he rigorously arranges his visuals to draw in the viewer: he hits us with short clips of the images that correspond with his audio sources, he adjusts the speed of other scenes to fit the beat, he plays with jump cuts, repetition, he builds little variations by rotating or resizing the frame. Pogo uses an exhaustive range of video editing techniques to build a hypnotizing effect that seems well-suited for someone with such a solid musical background. And it obviously doesn't hurt that he often chooses such richly colorful movies as sources for his remixes.





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