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MIXandMASH.tv is an online video remix and movie mashup community where you can create your own movie mashups online. You can use the shared content available on the site or videos you upload yourself. Simply register yourself (or login if you already have an account), then hit the 'CREATE A MOVIE!' link above to start creating your masterpiece.    Update

Narrate your home videos, add captions, or comment on any scene using Mojiti Spots. Select from text, audio, hand drawings, images and more, to make any video your own. Since Mojiti supports video in all major formats from all major video sharing websites, we make it easy to personalize virtually any video online.    Update

JayCut is run and developed by a group of people in which almost all have at some point been active in the student entrepreneurship association Excitera at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. Development of the advanced technology that makes JayCut's online video editing possible began early 2006.    Update