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:: Total Recut Survey 2008 ::

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Total Recut Survey 2008 Creative Zen

*** Valid participants in this survey will be put into a draw to win a Digital Media Player!

   1. Email Address?
   2. Are you?
   3. Age?
   4. Your Country?
   5. Occupation:
How did you get into remixing?
I liked some remixes and decided to try it myself
I came into contact with remix through family/friends/other remixers
I was looking for music remixes and came across remixed videos
I published a remix and then came into contact with other remixers
   7. Why do you remix?
Just for fun
To share my ideas with other fans
To show off my editing skills
To improve my skills
How would you rate your video editing skills?
Not bad
  9. Which of the following is causing you the most problems?
Coming up with ideas
Turning ideas into actual video remixes
Finishing off remixes I've started
Getting good at the software
Finding the right clips to use in my remixes
  10. When putting your videos on the web, what causes you the most problems?
Not knowing the best way to export my video for upload to the web
Finding a website to upload my video remix to
Letting people know that my video remix is online
Worries about copyright issues
   11. Where do you find the video footage you use in your remixes?
Filesharing, p2p, torrents
Downloading videos from YouTube etc
Record from TV
  12. Where do you get audio / music for your remixes?
CDs / DVDs
iTunes store
filesharing, p2p, torrents
sound track from YouTube videos etc
What software do you use for video editing?
Windows Movie Maker
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere
Sony Vegas
Online Editing e.g. Kaltura, Eyespot, Jumpcut
  14. Have you ever paid for access to video content online?
  15. How much would you be willing to pay for access to high quality video remix tutorials?
More than $5.00
   16. If you have any other suggestions or comments we would love to hear them.