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  Time is Life (1949)
In this overwrought, but effective, 1950 film, Mary Bronsen lays awake at night while her family sleeps. She thinks she may have the symptoms of cancer. She gets up and looks at herself in the mirror thinking about how cancer grows and grows . . . . its a horror that never stops. This film is made in the postwar fear vernacular. Here, cancer is as bad (and as insidious) as communism. Any anyone could have it. We meet a selection of Marys neighbors looking nervously into the window of the American Cancer Society office on Main Street. They too, could be harboring cancer. Its everywhere, hidden and menacing, just like the Red Threat. Fortunately, Mary decides to get treatment. Lets hope its a false alarm.     Download     Update

  Kings Mountain Airplane Crash
Near Woodside, California: Aftermath of air crash on Kings Mountain hillside. Newsreel story. 1950s    Download     Update

  Chicken A La King - 1937
The 17th of Fleischer's Color Classics series, which competed against Disney's Silly Symphonies. A Mae West-like duck draws the sultan of the chickens into a love triangle.    Download     Update

  Sound and the Record (1956)
A nice accompiment to 'In Living Stereo' where it told of how 78's are made, 'The Sound And The Story' teaches us how vinyl records are made. This is done by going step by step, by first showing us a recording being done of 'Romeo And Juliet' by the Boston Symphony, to the taping of it, a master being made, to dupes of the master, a mold, and then finally, the dupes of the mold.     Download     Update