Dos & Don'ts

This section provides a selection of literary & media resources that discuss the theories behind Intellectual Property, Digital Rights & Remix Culture and provide a foundation as to what you should and shouldn't do when creating your own video recuts.    -- Click HERE for More... --

We hope you find them interesting & useful!

"Recut, Reframe, Recycle" by Center for Social Media

"Bound by Law - Tales from the Public Domain" - CC

"Copyright & Fair Use" - USA Copyright Law

"Video Recuts & The Remix Revolution" - O.Gallagher

"DMCA vs Darknet"- Fred von Lohmann

"Microsoft Darknet Paper" - Microsoft

"The Mobile Generation" - J.D. Lasica

"Code 2.0" - Lawrence Lessig

"We the Media" - Dan Gillmore

"Freedom of Expression" - Kembrew McLeod

"Free Culture" - Lawrence Lessig

"Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" - Cory Doctorow